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Ekpyrosis - Weisse Nacht - “5”


Ekpyrosis - Weisse Nacht - “1”

After three years of silence the enigmatic Ekpyrosis has returned. This is the best black metal record to have come out since the last four years. I cannot emphasise enough how much I love this masterpiece. Weisse Nacht is on sale at these amazing labels:

It’s a great privilege to present the new EKPYROSIS album Weisse Nacht. And this, the third mysterious Ekpyrosis instalment, is surely a work of Teutonic high art

Six sprawling, atmospheric masterworks prevail thoughout. Cold and blasted, yet somewhat beautiful and melancholic in perfect balance; punctuated by a spoken dialogue that drives the proceedings like a black metal Blixa Bargeld. Those already aware of EKPYROSIS debut Mensch aus Gold will undoubtedly be prepared for the wonders that lie within. For the uninitiated, be assured that forward thinking, avantgarde black metal finds its heights on this recording

Presented as an edtion of 500 cds in jewel case format, carefully designed as a companion piece to Mensch aus Gold and the stringent EKPYROSIS design aesthetic..

Embrace the cold of night.

UrfaustRitual Music for the True Clochard - “Dämmert, Gelähmt und mit scheinbar erloschenem Geist”

Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times

One of my favourite albums ever.

Anaal Nathrakh - In the Constellation of the Black Widow - “In the Constellation of the Black Widow”

Let not misled men remove it!

Deathspell Omega

Urfaust - Auerauege Raa Verduistering - “Dämmert, gelähmt und mit scheinbar erloschenem Geist”

The Ruins of Beverast - Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite

(I have the limited gatefold vinyl version of this, including a CD, patch and poster of this beauty)

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Rejoice, for tonight it is a world that we bury!
Have you beheld the darkness sitting upon the earth
Overshadowing the wind rose, lost in the smoke?
Thus many went astray at once
The others wandered hazardously through endless mazes
The rays of the sun whisper of a newborn fright
And very few horrors in the world could match in terror
The cruelty of that frozen caress and its fragrant secret in blossom

Deathspell Omega - Paracletus - ”Phosphene”

Rant: sorry about that, ohabutt - also, dear followers, I completely understand if you no longer dare/wish to ask me any questions or follow me after this outburst of mine

ohabutt replied to your post: Twentyfive.
Same with the Nutella, but jeez this guy is just… no. Also, I never knew hipster black metal was a thing and now I am sad.

I know, right? He wouldn’t bother me so much if he wasn’t so damn vocal about his own magnificence and originality. For fuck sakes! This whole Sonic Youth-esque minimalism in black metal is nothing new or revolutionary, just look at Krallice and its ilk, they’ve been around for years.

What really, really annoys me is how he likes to throw in a fancy term like “transcendentalism” and claim how European/Scandinavian black metal (or should I say Hyperborean Black Metal?) is utterly purposeless, whilst his version of black metal and USBM (black metal from the United States, which you probably could’ve gathered regardless of my explanation) is vastly superior because it will reach some kind of Walt Whitman-esque height of exaltation, a glorious catharsis and how it will make you one with the cosmos and whatnot.

Fuck him. Fuck him hard.

Also, what the fuck happened to the black metal scene in Indonesia, or Japan, or the countless other black metal household names in Latin America, Africa, Australia and whatnot? What kind of a self-centred, Eurocentric/American-centric view does he have of this scene? It’s a huge global thing with bands from vastly different ethnic/cultural backgrounds doing their own thing in a way that other genres could only ever dream of! You can’t just ignore that.

I’m hardly ever offended. When I am I just suck it up, I don’t need to let the uncaring internet know my personal frustrations. But I do find it can be insulting, not personally, when someone’s blatant ignorance just pisses all over something that should be common knowledge—or which could easily be known if only you bothered to do a little research—and thus attempt to validate your own existence and your band’s supposed uniqueness by acting as if your music is some unexplainable, immaculate conception borne from the brilliance of your mind.

Fuck off!

I’m sorry, ohabutt ;_;

Wildernessking - The Writing of Gods in the Sand - “Discovery”

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Quorthon (R.I.P.) interviewed by Oliver Ueck in January 1997.


Wolfthorn (uk) - Light the Beltane Fires

My good friends (nay, kinsmen) Graeme and Sam are in this band. Check em out if you like melodic black metal type stuff.

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