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"A Lungless Laugh" - Inspired by the short story "A Warning to the Curious" by M. R. James.  I haven’t been sharing many of the paintings I’ve been making in this M. R. James series because they’ve become part of a secret project that I’m extremely excited to see come to fruition, but I had to post this ghoul because I like how it turned out, it’s from my favorite James story, and also to start the Halloweening season off on the right foot !


As suggested, a witchsona! I’m a swamp witch c:

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This is not about flowers 3

Isabelle Menin
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I had the pleasure of vacationing in Istanbul during Ramadan; the holiest of time of the year for those of the Islamic faith. I prefer for this picture to speak for itself, which it does. With that being written, know that “yoksulu unutma” translates from Turkish into to “do not forget the poor.”


Digital Character Commissions

I’m low on cash again! (I’m actually always low on cash. I’m an unemployed college student) Help me afford things like food and tuition by letting me draw your characters! It will be fun! If you can’t commission me, a reblog would be helpful! Tell your friends! 

  • I’m willing to draw anything. Robots, humans, bugs, anthro, horrible giant monsters that are hard to easily sum up.
  • Fandom/fan-character stuff is okay! 
  • NSFW: I can do gore but I’m not so good with the porn thing. 
  • Ref images preferred but I will be happy to work with text descriptions! 

Displayed prices are starting price quotes. Ideally I would like to charge about $10 an hour, so figure that into how detailed your requested character work is.

Payments will be through Paypal at the same address as my contact email. Contact me at akoszis @ yahoo with details for your commissions request if interested! 

Do it - you will not be disappointed.


Si existiera Superman…probablemente no seria un tipo feliz….

if will exist superman…probably  he not be a happy guy…

(Translated specially for hishamfadel)

A beingkeeper”, 2014

By Daehyun “Moonassi” Kim.

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Vantage by Aakash Nihalani

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upbeat house (???) wip. gotta keep my head up for finals!!!!!!!


details of  CONJURING  THE  SPIRITS  by Santiago Caruso  

Ink & scratching over paper / 74 cm x 26, 3 cm / 2012

On view today at  PANGENESIS  Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA till Nov 30th, 2013

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Jon Juarez ON TUMBLR


small selection of ink landscapes by withapencilinhand


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more lofi jazz progressions

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