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A beingkeeper”, 2014

By Daehyun “Moonassi” Kim.

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Vantage by Aakash Nihalani

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upbeat house (???) wip. gotta keep my head up for finals!!!!!!!


details of  CONJURING  THE  SPIRITS  by Santiago Caruso  

Ink & scratching over paper / 74 cm x 26, 3 cm / 2012

On view today at  PANGENESIS  Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA till Nov 30th, 2013

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small selection of ink landscapes by withapencilinhand


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more lofi jazz progressions

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So, I graduated on Friday.

Aside from contacting people with potential leads for work, the thing I most want to do with my newfound freedom is paint like mad. But in order to make ends meet, I’ll probably need to open commissions fairly soon as well.

If you’re interested in something, please email me at and we can discuss it!


i’ve been major artblocked lately so here is this that i managed to make myself draw

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Even though I saw her livestream (you can check it out here) the sketches for these, I was still completely floored when Ashley Mackenzie sent these pieces. Look at them! Oh and in the zine, these are printed back to back so that it feels like you’re entering the door - they’re beautiful and functional!

Also many congratulations to Ashley for being our third contributor in this year’s Spectrum Annual! So proud of you, girl!

My Fezzine pieces are out! I was so excited to be a part of this project as it gave me an excuse to finally finish one of my favourite games and make something about it with lots of other cool folk. Thanks to Kevin for organizing and putting all this together!