A new year for my activity as musician is about to start and I’d love to share some thoughts with you, who might have been following and hearing my “sound sketches” on my blog during the past months. Ambient-drone music and post-rock were my primal focus during this last year. This is the music I love to compose and play, I drawn - and “drown” - easily and with pleasure into these sounds. But I also feel I’m missing some further experimentation.

From October 1st 2012 until September 30th 2013 I establish a sort of “composig- regime”: a Dogma. By fixing rules and coding my methods I will try to explore new ways for making music. Inspired from the production- policies of some ambient-experimental labels I admire and, of course, from the works of the scandinavian director Lars Von Trier, I make my decision to work in 4 different ways during this Year II and let you listen these new works on my blog. I will keep working on ambient music, but just for new album releases.

It begins.

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    It begins.
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    This is a really interesting and original idea, I’m inspired.
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