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Providence is the follow-up of Alan Moore’s previous works - The Courtyard and the four-part horror mini-series Neonomicon (2010-2011) - placed in the universe of Lovecraft and his world famous Cthulhu Mythos. The upcoming project features an exploration of Lovecraft’s life where Howard will team up with a closeted homosexual Jew.

Hopefully, the comic will be written as a ‘buddy cop-esque’ story detailing Lovecraft and his yet-unnamed partner battling unnameable cosmic horrors from Beyond, solving aeon-old mysteries and unearthing unfathomably hideous knowledge that no human should ever have learned. During these cosmic-inferiority-complex-enabling adventures where “the sweet embrace of oblivion” alludes to suicidal tendencies, Lovecraft slowly realises that Jews (or anyone other than non-white-Anglo-Saxons) are not as bad as he had previously imagined. In return, the unnamed companion would find acceptance and love where she/he had least expected it and learns to accept her/himself.

This revelation is quickly followed by yet another flight from yet another timeless abomination before inevitably blacking out. The loss of consciousness is likely caused due to the exhaustion of screaming blasphemous obscenities at the top of your lungs and witnessing events that could, at the very best, be rated as “drastically reconsidering your view of and position in the cosmos” on a scale of “mildly disturbing” to “Ungl’Unl’Rrlch’Chchch”.

On second thought, women having any present or active roles in “Grandpa Theobald” his stories besides birthing new generations of fish people, being dead, being Medusa, or simply not being there in the first place makes a female lesbian Jew highly unlikely.

Furthermore, it is highly likely that it will involve scenes of a woman or a group of women being legitimately raped due to the fact that it is a comic book written by Alan Moore, a man well-known for rivalling the gratuitous amounts of sexual assault, rape and the constant denigration of women as frequently as the average amorphous tentacle monster in Hentai.

Speaking of Hentai and tentacles…