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Hello everyone,

Recent comments made by comic book writer Alan Moore (WatchmenV for Vendetta) labelling H. P. Lovecraft as a “potential Nazi sympathiser” during the Northants International Comics Expo (N.I.C.E.) in regards to Moore’s forthcoming project, Providence, has reignited an age-old, controversial debate.

Was H. P. Lovecraft a Nazi (sympathiser)?

Because of his influences in horror (and other genres) becoming more recognised to mainstream audiences (especially in contemporary viral pop culture) and in light of this recent controversy, I have decided to write an admittedly rather lengthy essay text post dedicated to the horror author’s alleged relation to Nazism somewhere this month.

It is an extremely delicate and intricate subject that requires research, sourcing, time and planning. Illustrations and art will continue to be posted regularly, so there is no need to fear inactivity on this tumblog.

All the best,

Rowan “Zitterberg”